The Grant Writing and Crowdfunding Guide For Young Investigators In Science is the third book of a trilogy which includes Scientific Writing 2.0: a Reader and Writer’s guide, and When The Scientist Presents. All three books are published by World Scientific, the publisher of Nobel literature. Now, Justin and I are not Nobel Prize winners, we are coaches in scientific communication. We routinely advise Academics and researchers on the health status of their grant application, not merely looking at copy-editing, mind you, but evaluating it based on clarity of language and common grant evaluation criteria: Innovation, Approach, Significance, Investigator and Environment.

What makes us unique is our long experience (17 years) in ALL WALKS of Science, from Life Science to Engineering/Computer Science on the Hard Science side, across to the soft side of Science like Economics, Finance, or Sociology. Mastering the jargon of these sciences takes that long and that kind of learning never ends. Often the PIs we coach wonder if we graduated in their field! That’s quite a compliment. Our strength resides in knowing enough, but not too much – to be able to represent panel members or reviewers not necessarily fully able to review the whole grant in great depth. ¬†Our cross-displinary knowledge is an asset we often use to extract greater significance from their work.

Our company, a father and son partnership, is Scientific Reach. Grants extend your scientific reach far into the future. French, American and Asian, we feel right at home in all three continents, even though San Diego is our Home base in California.


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