Welcome to your Grant book companion

This is the post excerpt.


This blog is a companion to the book, a living book of sorts. The world of grants and crowdfunding never sits still. As we continue to explore and learn, we will share our discoveries in new blog entries that, one day, will augment the next edition of the book. So bookmark this site www.thesciencegrant.com 

Keep your book URLs updated and don’t be afraid to write the updated ones in the book itself. We have asked our publisher, World Scientific – the publisher for Nobel literature –  to leave ample margins for you to write in. Whenever any URL given in the book changes or disappears, we will inform you and provide a new address as soon as we locate their new location. Alternatively, if the page is still available in the INTERNET ARCHIVES, we will point to it there. Writing in a book is not only making it yours, it also makes it more memorable and actionable. If you are still in doubt, read the paper “The pen is mightier than the keyboard: advantages of longhand over laptop note taking”.

If you landed on this page and do not have the book – here is what it contains:


  • Grant Ecosystem:
  • Grant Parts:
    • Title — The Eye Catcher
    • Grant Abstract — The Marketing Pitch
    • Grant Specific Aims — The Work Plan
    • Grant Budget — The Movie Scenario Approach
    • Grant Significance — Unearthing the Value
  • Grant Evaluation:
    • Novelty and Innovation — The Perception of Newness
    • Behind the Scenes — The Reviewing Process
    • Risk Management — The Reality Check
    • Not Granted — How to Deal with Rejection
  • Funding Through Social Media:
    • Crowdfunding Science